Lilly Pulitzer Grand Opening in Northern VA!!


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Lilly Pulitzer Grand Opening in Northern VA!!

I wish I still lived near Tyson’s Corner. I would totally have gone!
Who’s going?

Countdown to Thanksgiving- Day 6

On Day 6, I must say that I am thankful that I live in the United States of America and can vote. We are so lucky in that we live in a democracy and that we can vote for our Country’s leader!  It wasn’t too long ago that women weren’t able to vote.

Many men and women have died for our right to vote.  There are still many women and men who die everyday fighting for our freedom and right to vote.  If there’s one thing you do today, VOTE!  I don’t care if you vote Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, just vote.  Exercise your right.  Don’t be lazy.



Countdown of Thanks to Thanksgiving- Days 1-5

I know I haven’t blogged in a while, I’ve been focusing on finishing my last semester in college! I’ve been going at this for a while, and in December I will finally graduate!!! I have to say, that as a non-traditional, adult student, it’s definitely been a challenge, some days weeks were really tough, but I know it will be well worth it in the end! Also, as an adult student, you appreciate it more and take school much more seriously, especially if you’re paying for it yourself!

Anyways, it seems everyone is counting down to Thanksgiving with days of thanks!

Here’s my catch up post… (though I have been posting on FB)

Day 1- I’m thankful for a roof over my head and running water. I remember reading a while ago that there were so many impoverished countries with no running water.  I know we take for granted everyday that we have a home, our ability to use the bathroom or take a shower… I’ve seen the poor in India and there were so many with so little-nothing.  And with Hurricane Sandy, I know there are some people suffering in the North East.

Day 2- I’m thankful for my family, without them I would not be who I am am today. We’re one crazy and passionate bunch, but I wouldn’t change it for anything!

Day 3- I’m thankful for my darling husband. For all his support in everything. He’s my best friend and with out him, I’m not sure if I’d be finishing up school. I might have starved from being to busy to cook and eat or something crazy.  I love him! 🙂

Day 4- I am thankful for my faith.  In my weakest moments I always turn to my faith. I think its so important that everyone has something to believe in.  My faith has gotten me through some of my darkest and hardest times.

Day 5- I am thankful for my siblings, especially my brother, Chris.  He is my lil brother and I couldn’t imagine growing up without him. We had a lot of fun times and lots of “sibling” times. Even when he used to lock himself in the other room that had the phone and listen to my conversations with my girlfriends or even boyfriends.  This would be when we still had wall phones. And my lil sister, Joce and Jon, we didn’t grow up together, but I love them none the less!!!

Are you doing a Thanksgiving countdown? What are you thankful for?


Who’s getting an iPhone 5?

Me!!!! I’m going to pre-order mine right now…

Ok Not really right now because Apple’s site is undergoing site maintenance:

And on Verizon’s site, you can’t purchase the phone until 3:01 AM: (why 3:01 and not 3:00)

That’s ok.

I’m still pretty excited.

There are some people saying that if you have an iPhone 4, there’s no real big reason to upgrade to 5. Um, why are they being haters. LOL  I actually had an iPhone 3 at one point, it was my latest iPhone. When we moved to Hampton Roads in 2010, I had to switch to my husband’s cell phone service provider- Verizon.  At the time, there wasn’t an iPhone available, so I had to get the Droid. I was heartbroken at first, but there were things about the Droid that I loved: the camera (was much better than the apple), the free apps, the voice turn by turn navigation…

Now, I can’t wait to get back to the iPhone, especially since I have a mac, and what I’m super excited about: the battery life.  Right now, I have to charge my phone at least twice a day.  I’m inclined to think that these phone manufacturers only make their phones to last 2-3 years!  Gosh, I remember my old flip phone lasted several years!!!! Then the dawn of color screens, touch screens, and the smart phones took over, and down went the battery life!

So on 9/14 you can Pre-Order your iPhones in either white or black to be shipped on 9/21. Prices start at $199 for the 16 GB. You can also get the 32GB or the 64GB phones.

To find out more about the specs and the phone visit

Who’s getting an iPhone5? This Girl! 🙂 The question now is: White and Sliver or Black and Slate?  Leaning towards white, but does it really matter when I’m going to put a pretty Lilly case on it anyways (when they come out)?


End of summer

I can’t believe it’s September already!!!! The summer just went by in a blur!
We had a Labor Day party on Sunday, and had all kinds of friends and family stop by. We like any reason to have a gathering! 🙂  I get sad when Labor day comes around because it signals the end of summer. So I think- maybe a party will make me feel better. 🙂  And it did!  It was great to see our friends and family, even though it was hot and humid.  We had the threat of rain, but luckily had a shower at the end, towards the evening.

I was busy being hostess, so I didn’t get too many pictures, but here are a few:

The boysThat Tailgate Dip.. YUM!!!
Mom had just gotten back from Ireland (literally)Our friend Ross’s dog, CooperCooper running to me.

The end of summer not only closes pools, but also:

  • signals the start of school (for those of us in college- boo LOL)
  • the weather starts to get cooler, (thankfully, it’s not as early as I remember.
  • hurricane season

I refuse to accept the end of summer…at least for a little while longer.  I painted my nails the other day, and instead of going less summery, I went summer nautical!


Who knew they would be a hit?  Seems like someone is always complementing them! 🙂

Then end of summer also does bring something good:

  • Football
  • Boots and Sweaters
  • Football
  • a break in the heat
  • Oh and did I mention FOOTBALL

Tonight is the season opener with my favorite team: Giants vs Cowboys!
My husband is not so fond of me being a Giants fan, because he’s a Redskins Fan.  I might have ever so slightly thought about supporting my husband’s team if they were a winning team, but they’re not. So it makes for some interesting Football Sundays and MNF’s at our house.   Even more so when his whole family is around and I’m the loner. But go to my family’s house and they’re all Cowboys fans. Guess you can say we’re a NFC East kind of family.  (The one thing we all have in common is that we loathe the Eagles!) 🙂

Summer has ended (technically), how are you coping?? 🙂



umbrellas & summer | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

I just have to say I LOVE this picture!!! I just want to go there and sit on that pink bench and look up at those amazingly colorful umbrellas!!!

How fun!


Oh shift!

This is what I get when I get on the Lilly Pulitzer site. 😦 So sad.


I know all the good deals and things I want will be gone. Anyone else having any luck?

I love Lilly dresses and I love a good deal on them, but this sale went on at 8am and I still cant get into the site. I had a few minutes where I could add something to my cart, but by the time I went to check out,the site crashed again! Its soooooo frustrating!
I really think that Lilly should do something about this! Hummmm I’m not an IT person, but maybe planning ahead for the extra capacity of people going to the site. OR having sales like this more often???? I’m just sayin’

I’m at the point of giving up. I’ve got so much more to do than hit “refresh” all day.

Were you lucky enough to get anything? Or were you like me crashed out from the site?

One Summer Month…

… It has really been one month since my last blog post. However, it seems like it’s been so much longer!!

So to update ya on the first half of the one summer month I’ve taken off from blogging I did a mini collage…

  1. One of my best friends, Stephie, came home to visit. She drove all the way from Florida by herself and her 3 babies! It was the first time I got to meet the 2 youngest babies. I was soooo happy to spend some time with her, and the kiddos!
  2. This is me and baby Zoe! She was such as sweet baby… she slept a lot! I just wanted her to wake up and coo and smile 🙂
  3. My niece, Lina spent a month with her Grammy, so I got to see her A LOT! We did all kinds of fun things: movies, beach, shopping, eating… I only get to see her once a year since she lives in Myrtle Beach. So I loved every moment with her! As you can see from the picture, she LOVES LOVES LOVES Justin Bieber!
  4. We took her to the beach and she had a great time! This is Lina and Tommy chillin out in the Chesapeake Bay (Chick’s Beach). We spent quite a bit of time at the beach this summer.
  5. My mom and my siblings came to visit for a week. This is my sister Jocelyn. I miss them already! Before this visit, I hadn’t seen my siblings since my wedding in 2010. (They live in Chicago)  A week didn’t seem long enough.  It’s amazing how much they’ve grown since I last saw them.
  6. As a surprise for my mom, one of my childhood friends and I reconnected and planned a surprise meeting for our moms (who were best friends).  It was a success!! (probably one of the best surprises I’ve ever planned)  They both cried and were soooooo surprised. We spent a long lunch just catching up and reminiscing. I hadn’t seen my friend, Laura, since I was probably 7 years old. I’m not even sure how we found each other except through Facebook. Thank goodness for Facebook and reconnecting!
  7. My plumeria plant from New Orleans finally bloomed! It’s soooo beautiful! I bought it as a little stalk with no roots or any signs showing that it would really take root and grow. The lady just told me to take it home and put the stalk in dirt and it would grow. Lo and Behold, it has! And with beautiful white flowers!
  8. Busch Gardens is a local favorite! I mentioned it in my previous post… but I digress.  I love Busch Gardens… my husband- not so much. I love the rides, not the lines. So whenever there’s someone who wants to go, I’m always ready! You can imagine how excited I was to take my mom, siblings, step dad, and niece! We had a blast! I got to ride the new Verbolten Roller Coaster! All I can say is WOW! I loved it, everyone should ride it! 🙂
  9. One thing that changed at Busch Gardens was the Das Festhaus show. For as long as I can remember it was always the Busch Gardens Polka Band and dancers. This year, they changed the show to a RedRiding Hood, Gnomes, Hansel and Gretel Fairy Tale show.  It was a change, and definitely geared more for the kids. My niece loved it!

I still haven’t heard from the winner of my blog giveaway… If by the end of this week, I don’t hear from Tiffany, I’m going to donate the giveaway to a student in need. 🙂

And tomorrow at 8AM starts the Lilly Endless Summer Sale!!! How excited are you?!!?

I AM SO excited! I love Lilly Sales!


Can’t wait to see what everyone got at the Sale!!!

Next blog post will be the second half of the month off.



I’m venting…(sorry it’s a loooong post)

I don’t normally post a vent session (don’t read if you don’t like venting posts), and I may eventually delete this post, but when someone who is supposed to be family vents publicly on Facebook calling either my mother or myself “self focused” and “self serving”, I have to draw the line. Especially since I am not in the wrong or it’s a misunderstanding that the individual did not take the time to clarify before jumping to conclusions and accusing others AND calling them names. My mother has come to town to visit for a week, and we were planning on going to Busch Gardens amusement park in Williamsburg, VA, we thought it would be nice to invite my cousin’s daughter to come along with us- guess we’ll never do that again…

Here is the post: “Ya know, it’s amazing when people know the history I had with my dad and they are so self focused.  Don’t freaking tell me you are thinking about going to Busch Gardens on Friday and invite my daughter, then go earlier and blow her off.  You are no better than my dad and it pisses me the hell off. I dislike self focused and self serving people

My first reaction was shock.  I responded that we asked her 16 year old daughter when she was available to go to Busch Gardens. She responded that Tues and Thurs she had to work, Monday and Wednesday she volunteered at the shelter.   I suggested maybe she could go Monday. (My brother sitting right there, gave me shit and said, “didn’t you hear her say she couldn’t do Monday cos she had to volunteer?”I remember feeling a little embarrassed because I felt like a jackass for suggesting she not volunteer one day so that she could go to an amusement park.  I figured between work and volunteering, volunteering was a better day to take off.) Anyways she said no, she was going to volunteer.  (Good for her)  So really the only day she could go was Friday. Well I didn’t know about Friday because I wasn’t even going to be around- I’m headed to the OBX to spend with my hubby’s family.  My mother talks to my cousin and said we were going on Monday, and asked if her daughter could come. She responded that she had volunteering to do, so we left it at that since the schedule wasn’t working out for her to come with us.  There was never any plan to have her come along, even if we changed the day from Monday to Tuesday, it wouldn’t have worked because she had to work. Friday wouldn’t work for my mom since she’s headed back to Chicago early Saturday morning.  So, other than the daughter being available on Friday, I’m not sure how it translated that we were going on Friday? My somewhat exact wording: “we asked ____ if she could go with us, Mon & Wed she was volunteering, and Tues & Thurs she was working, so I suggested Mon, because maybe she wouldn’t volunteer but she said no, and Friday wasn’t going to work since my mom was leaving early Saturday morning. So since the schedules didn’t work out, we went on Monday. Sorry for the misunderstanding”. 

What happens next? (other than the fact my phone dies)

She DELETES my comment, and adds another post: “Whatever  Takes 5 minutes to make a call, but again… always seems to be a hassle”

5 minutes to make a call… what call is she talking about. Calling before we go? Calling to respond to a FB post? I don’t know what she means. She could have taken 5 minutes to call and find out what happened instead of jumping to these conclusions.

Then what put me over the top? She de-friended me on FB and on twitter- it’s the equivalent of a break-up. I mean really?!?! De-friend me? How immature.

I’m livid (and really hurt) for a few reasons:

  1. Name calling and accusations without even finding out what really happened or at least talking to us about what happened, we’ve been called names and accused for being like her father. I know the sticks and stones…blah blah blah, but I don’t like being called names and I am not like her father.
  2. I am the least self focused and self serving person I know. I would bend over backwards for people. I am a people pleaser and a peace keeper, and she knows it. I don’t like confrontation and turmoil. Not only that, I try to be a part of her daughter’s life as much as I can, even though I go to school full time, have a business, and work almost full time.  I try to support her as much as I can, just recently, I went to her beauty pageant at school and helped with her sweet 16 birthday party- even made the cake. I didn’t charge to make the cake, but it cost me money to make it. If anytime her mother invited me to anything that she was in, I’d try to be there, because I love her and am so proud of the woman she’s become…So to be called these things by my cousin is beyond any comprehension.
  3. I’m mad that this was posted on Facebook instead of her calling me saying something like “hey, I just found out you went to Busch Gardens, what happened to taking C with you guys” then I could respond… we could have communicated. So anyways when I respond to her post on FB to defend, she deletes my comment. Now here, I can jump to conclusions myself: doesn’t want to hear the truth, and just wants to be mad at someone, doesn’t want anyone to know the truth, or realized that she didn’t know our side of the story.  Whatever it was, the posting on FB made me upset. I believe it was she that told me a while back that FB was not the place to air your dirty laundry, and she just did.
  4. She de-friended me. No, I will not request to be her “Friend” again, this whole thing is ridiculous. This is not the first time that a cousin of mine is mad at me for something that I got blamed for and it’s not my fault. I’m sick and tired of it. I am not people’s scapegoat or anger release, I have feelings- just like everyone else.

Communication breakdown is one of the reasons that people fight. I can see why families feud. Just look at this particular example. Thankfully, I am a forgiving person, so hopefully this will not drag out too long. 😦

I know that this whole thing is probably petty in other people’s eyes, but I’m tired of being the people pleaser and nice person that people feel like they can walk all over.  If anything, this post lets me relieve some stress, anger, and hurt, and now I can try to get some sleep before I drive to the OBX to my husband’s family, and de-stress in my happy place. Since I am apparently “self focused” and “self serving”, I’m going to try to relax; I have to find my chi before I get to the beach, & when I get there don’t mess with my chi.

-Venting Vynuss

It’s a good day when…

Recently, I was at a meeting for work about the Virginia Values Vets initiative at the Virginia War Memorial in Richmond, VA, and one of the guys in the meeting was a Vietnam Prisoner of War, Mr. Paul Galanti. He was a Naval Aviator of an A-4 Skyhawk that was shot down June 17, 1966. He suffered privation and torture as a prisoner of war for the next 6 ½ years in North Vietnam’s notorious “Hanoi Hilton.” I can not even imagine what he went through or even what his wife, Phyllis felt during that time! She was working very hard to gather 750,000 letters from Virginian to petition the release of POWs in Vietnam, and even hand delivered the letters to the North Vietnamese Embassy in Stockholm! What-a-woman!

He’s really an amazing man. He’s received so many awards: two Purple Hearts, the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, the Navy Commendation, two Legions of Merit, the Meritorious Service Medal, and nine Air Medals. He’s such a kind man too! It was my first time meeting him (my husband has met him on other occasions) and he came right over to me to introduce himself. 🙂

So in our meeting something he said, really stuck out:  “It’s always a good day when you can see a knob on the door”.  Makes me think, sometimes when I’m having a crap day, it could always be worse.  I know there’s tons of other similar sayings, but this is one that just made me stop and think for a minute, and appreciate all that we have.

Ya’ll have a good GREAT day!