I know I haven’t blogged in a while, I’ve been focusing on finishing my last semester in college! I’ve been going at this for a while, and in December I will finally graduate!!! I have to say, that as a non-traditional, adult student, it’s definitely been a challenge, some days weeks were really tough, but I know it will be well worth it in the end! Also, as an adult student, you appreciate it more and take school much more seriously, especially if you’re paying for it yourself!

Anyways, it seems everyone is counting down to Thanksgiving with days of thanks!

Here’s my catch up post… (though I have been posting on FB)

Day 1- I’m thankful for a roof over my head and running water. I remember reading a while ago that there were so many impoverished countries with no running water.  I know we take for granted everyday that we have a home, our ability to use the bathroom or take a shower… I’ve seen the poor in India and there were so many with so little-nothing.  And with Hurricane Sandy, I know there are some people suffering in the North East.

Day 2- I’m thankful for my family, without them I would not be who I am am today. We’re one crazy and passionate bunch, but I wouldn’t change it for anything!

Day 3- I’m thankful for my darling husband. For all his support in everything. He’s my best friend and with out him, I’m not sure if I’d be finishing up school. I might have starved from being to busy to cook and eat or something crazy.  I love him! 🙂

Day 4- I am thankful for my faith.  In my weakest moments I always turn to my faith. I think its so important that everyone has something to believe in.  My faith has gotten me through some of my darkest and hardest times.

Day 5- I am thankful for my siblings, especially my brother, Chris.  He is my lil brother and I couldn’t imagine growing up without him. We had a lot of fun times and lots of “sibling” times. Even when he used to lock himself in the other room that had the phone and listen to my conversations with my girlfriends or even boyfriends.  This would be when we still had wall phones. And my lil sister, Joce and Jon, we didn’t grow up together, but I love them none the less!!!

Are you doing a Thanksgiving countdown? What are you thankful for?