Me!!!! I’m going to pre-order mine right now…

Ok Not really right now because Apple’s site is undergoing site maintenance:

And on Verizon’s site, you can’t purchase the phone until 3:01 AM: (why 3:01 and not 3:00)

That’s ok.

I’m still pretty excited.

There are some people saying that if you have an iPhone 4, there’s no real big reason to upgrade to 5. Um, why are they being haters. LOL  I actually had an iPhone 3 at one point, it was my latest iPhone. When we moved to Hampton Roads in 2010, I had to switch to my husband’s cell phone service provider- Verizon.  At the time, there wasn’t an iPhone available, so I had to get the Droid. I was heartbroken at first, but there were things about the Droid that I loved: the camera (was much better than the apple), the free apps, the voice turn by turn navigation…

Now, I can’t wait to get back to the iPhone, especially since I have a mac, and what I’m super excited about: the battery life.  Right now, I have to charge my phone at least twice a day.  I’m inclined to think that these phone manufacturers only make their phones to last 2-3 years!  Gosh, I remember my old flip phone lasted several years!!!! Then the dawn of color screens, touch screens, and the smart phones took over, and down went the battery life!

So on 9/14 you can Pre-Order your iPhones in either white or black to be shipped on 9/21. Prices start at $199 for the 16 GB. You can also get the 32GB or the 64GB phones.

To find out more about the specs and the phone visit

Who’s getting an iPhone5? This Girl! 🙂 The question now is: White and Sliver or Black and Slate?  Leaning towards white, but does it really matter when I’m going to put a pretty Lilly case on it anyways (when they come out)?