This is what I get when I get on the Lilly Pulitzer site. 😦 So sad.


I know all the good deals and things I want will be gone. Anyone else having any luck?

I love Lilly dresses and I love a good deal on them, but this sale went on at 8am and I still cant get into the site. I had a few minutes where I could add something to my cart, but by the time I went to check out,the site crashed again! Its soooooo frustrating!
I really think that Lilly should do something about this! Hummmm I’m not an IT person, but maybe planning ahead for the extra capacity of people going to the site. OR having sales like this more often???? I’m just sayin’

I’m at the point of giving up. I’ve got so much more to do than hit “refresh” all day.

Were you lucky enough to get anything? Or were you like me crashed out from the site?