… It has really been one month since my last blog post. However, it seems like it’s been so much longer!!

So to update ya on the first half of the one summer month I’ve taken off from blogging I did a mini collage…

  1. One of my best friends, Stephie, came home to visit. She drove all the way from Florida by herself and her 3 babies! It was the first time I got to meet the 2 youngest babies. I was soooo happy to spend some time with her, and the kiddos!
  2. This is me and baby Zoe! She was such as sweet baby… she slept a lot! I just wanted her to wake up and coo and smile 🙂
  3. My niece, Lina spent a month with her Grammy, so I got to see her A LOT! We did all kinds of fun things: movies, beach, shopping, eating… I only get to see her once a year since she lives in Myrtle Beach. So I loved every moment with her! As you can see from the picture, she LOVES LOVES LOVES Justin Bieber!
  4. We took her to the beach and she had a great time! This is Lina and Tommy chillin out in the Chesapeake Bay (Chick’s Beach). We spent quite a bit of time at the beach this summer.
  5. My mom and my siblings came to visit for a week. This is my sister Jocelyn. I miss them already! Before this visit, I hadn’t seen my siblings since my wedding in 2010. (They live in Chicago)  A week didn’t seem long enough.  It’s amazing how much they’ve grown since I last saw them.
  6. As a surprise for my mom, one of my childhood friends and I reconnected and planned a surprise meeting for our moms (who were best friends).  It was a success!! (probably one of the best surprises I’ve ever planned)  They both cried and were soooooo surprised. We spent a long lunch just catching up and reminiscing. I hadn’t seen my friend, Laura, since I was probably 7 years old. I’m not even sure how we found each other except through Facebook. Thank goodness for Facebook and reconnecting!
  7. My plumeria plant from New Orleans finally bloomed! It’s soooo beautiful! I bought it as a little stalk with no roots or any signs showing that it would really take root and grow. The lady just told me to take it home and put the stalk in dirt and it would grow. Lo and Behold, it has! And with beautiful white flowers!
  8. Busch Gardens is a local favorite! I mentioned it in my previous post… but I digress.  I love Busch Gardens… my husband- not so much. I love the rides, not the lines. So whenever there’s someone who wants to go, I’m always ready! You can imagine how excited I was to take my mom, siblings, step dad, and niece! We had a blast! I got to ride the new Verbolten Roller Coaster! All I can say is WOW! I loved it, everyone should ride it! 🙂
  9. One thing that changed at Busch Gardens was the Das Festhaus show. For as long as I can remember it was always the Busch Gardens Polka Band and dancers. This year, they changed the show to a RedRiding Hood, Gnomes, Hansel and Gretel Fairy Tale show.  It was a change, and definitely geared more for the kids. My niece loved it!

I still haven’t heard from the winner of my blog giveaway… If by the end of this week, I don’t hear from Tiffany, I’m going to donate the giveaway to a student in need. 🙂

And tomorrow at 8AM starts the Lilly Endless Summer Sale!!! How excited are you?!!?

I AM SO excited! I love Lilly Sales!


Can’t wait to see what everyone got at the Sale!!!

Next blog post will be the second half of the month off.