Have you ever thought about how small the world really is?

I mean other than the fact that the world is a pretty big place, there are billions of people living on the planet (some countries even put a quota on the number of children you can have), and though there are tons of people dying everyday, there are also tons of new babies entering this world. How many people could you really meet and have connections with?

Speaking of babies… Congrats to my friends who have had babies recently:

  • Vincent born April 23rd to Alicia and Gary
  • Joseph Edward born on Mother’s day to Melissa and Peter
  • Zoe Jean born May 25th to Stephanie and Chris
  • Bennett born May 28th to Christina and Richie
  • Violet Celeste born June 20th to Lily and Jason
  • Stella Rose born June 26th to Trish and Matt

Whoa that’s a lot of babies!!! And all of them so dang adorable!!! I can’t wait to see and hold all of them!

What really sparked this post was Facebook.  On my scanning of the news feed, I came across a picture of my high school friend’s wife with one of my friends from Northern VA, and it was an older picture. I commented on the picture that I had no idea they knew each other! After a few comments back and forth, I come to find out, I met my friend’s wife, Melissa a LONG time ago, and didn’t even know remember it. She used to work with my friend, Alex (who was in the picture) and her then husband at his company and used to come to my ex’s office (where I also worked) to manage/count his inventory! Once I put her maiden name and her old picture together, it all clicked!  But then for her to meet Peter (my high school friend) and marry him, that’s what made it a “small world” moment. Peter and I went to school in Virginia Beach, 4 hours south of where they live now.

Other “small world” moments…

  • my father in law’s cousin is the dad of a kid I went to high school with and hung out with!! Now we’re cousins by marriage!!! (did not realize this till later).
  • The girl my husband was once in love with, dated one of my best friend’s friend (the 3 of us were buddies).
  • A girl I work with now, once dated (for a long time) my classmate from High School.
  • I’d lost touch with a friend of mine from Vietnamese church when I was younger, but then found out at a family event that she married my aunt’s brother! (It’s my uncle’s wife’s brother)


It’s all so crazy to think about the connections we have with people!  And through the magic of social networking, I’ve found so many connections between friends.  Just take a look at your Facebook friends or your connections on LinkedIn, and look at your mutual friends… you’ll be surprised at the connections you’ll find!!! At least I am. I’m still being surprised everyday!

Have you had any “small world” moments lately?

I’d love to hear your stories!!!!

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