Today is a day that we remember and honor our fathers…

Though my dad doesn’t like to celebrate anything (it drives Tom and I crazy because we WANT to spend time with him), I still celebrate him!

He’s impossible to get time with because he’s so busy with his hobby, and he’s so private with his life. (i sure hope he makes some time for us when we have kids 🙂 )

My father was my first hero.  (doesn’t he look like Bruce Lee here?) I remember as a kid, sitting right next to my dad on the couch watching TV.  I was daddy’s girl. I always wanted to be close to my dad.  I used to like to watch him whenever he was working on the car or fixing something.  I wanted to be just like him and fix things. In fact, I actually got in trouble once when I took apart the radio, trying to see what was in the radio making the music…I wanted to see “the people in the radio”.

My father was a single dad raising 2 kids- myself and my younger brother.  He worked very hard to make sure we were taken care of.  He sacrificed to put us through Catholic private school because he wanted to make sure we had the best education. (Thanks Dad!)  Where some dads could have easily said, “Do whatever you want, I don’t care what you do with your life”, he cared and was involved.  He could have easily gotten re-married, but instead chose his 2 young kids as his priority. I look back and think what a decision and what a task that was… Especially in my emotionally driven, hormone crazy, teenage years… I don’t know how he put up with me… I was terrible and so rebellious… (HAHA I would have sent me away somewhere -just kidding) I didn’t realize how much my dad gave until years after I had moved out of the house. Teenage blindness.

My dad is an amazing person… humble beyond belief, honest, hard working, a great father, a philosopher, a sacrificer, forgiving, simple, a man of his word, and smart.  I love my dad with all my heart, and though he doesn’t want to celebrate his birthday, father’s day, or any other holiday (because he doesn’t want any attention), I celebrate him anyways!


A happy father’s day to my father-in-law as well! 🙂 I made him his favorite cake: Coconut cake!  YUM!  All because I love him! 🙂   We celebrated last night with all the Barto boys (his sons) and our friends Skip and Katherine and their son Trey.  It’s Skip’s first father’s day!  YAY!!! All in all, It was good night!

And last but not least, my stepfather.  He’s another great guy… He totally makes my mom happy. Though I’ve never lived with him as my dad, I still celebrate him for being the dad to his step kids- my brother Jon and my sister Jocelyn.  I know that he tries to be a dad to them. 🙂 Love you!

Happy father’s day to all your fathers and any fathers that are reading my blog! 🙂