…is one of the best things about the summer.

She’s my older cousin, Kim’s daughter and she comes in town to visit for a few weeks. It’s the best couple weeks I could ask for. We  only get to see her once a year during the summer since she’s in school, so I like to try and spend as much time as i can with her. She’s such a smart and well behaved kid!

My brother and I took her to see Madagascar 3 today, and we had so much fun! The movie was really great… I laughed, she laughed, my brother laughed. I’d go see it again. My favorite part:

dadadadadadaaaaadadadaaaada circus afro circus afro polka dot polka dot…

The other awesome thing is that my grandpa is happy having her around (she’s staying with my aunt who is her grammy). She’s so lucky to be able to know her great grandpa and spend some time with him. 🙂 I hope that she remembers him when she gets older.

I can’t wait for more time with her!!! Thanks Cuz and Gino for letting her spend time with us!!! I wish all our family lived closer together so we could all get together more often! 🙂

I’m sure when my mom sees her, she’s going to really REALLY want to have grandkids! (no pressure). I can’t wait to have babies!!! Someday soon (God willing).