Hey ya’ll!!! I was going through my reading list of blogs and came across this post about setting your goals and making them achievable. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could achieve all our goals? How many times have you set goals and not achieved them, not necessarily by your own fault, but by factors you couldn’t control? Megan’s post over at Megan’s Creative Blog makes so much sense, not only in an online jewelry business, but also in life when you’re setting any goals. Focus on what you can control, not on what is out of your control. Thanks Megan!!

Megan's Beaded Blog

Operating a business is all about goals. Most often these goals center around reaching a certain point of success within a certain time frame. Such as, make 100 sales within the year, or make 2 sales a day.

Or they are profit-oriented, as in: make $20 or more in sales a day. Goals centered around amount of sales made, or amount of money made from sales are all well and good, but they can be frustrating and unaccountable for the business owner.

The reason being is that these kinds of goals are really out of the realm of control for the seller.

If I attend a craft fair, with a goal of $300 in sales, I may achieve my goal I may not. The amount of sales I get is really out of my control due to all of the factors pertaining to whether or not theā€¦

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