Today 31 years ago, a beautiful baby was born into this world. That baby was my cousin, Christina Lee Wallace. She was smart, beautiful, intelligent, curious, and a music lover. She had beautiful eyes and brown curly hair. She left this world in 1997 in December, and it seems like it was just yesterday… one of the saddest days of my life.

I wonder who she would be today, what she would be doing, the children she would have, the research she would be doing…

Me and Christina

I miss her today, I miss her yesterday, I miss her everyday… But I know that one day we’ll see each other again.

Christina, me, Mai Thy, Kim

In our family, the cousins grew up very close… my cousins were my best friends and my sisters.  Christina had 2 sisters, one older (Mai Thy), and one younger (Samantha).

Samantha, Chris(my brother), Christina, Mai Thy, Kim, Vy

May you rest in peace Christina. I love you cuz! XOXOXO