I decided to do a lil “photo shoot” with our Marley Boy the other day…

He’s such a sweet dog, and such a good sport at letting me take so many pictures of him.

I absolutely LOVE the first picture of him. It totally captures who he is.

He’s my buddy and my protector.  I love that he lays right on the ground where I sit, sometime right at my feet at my desk. He gets so excited when Tom or I come home, it never fails that he brings us a toy when we walk in the door.

He’s not much of a morning dog, he’d probably much rather stay in bed, and it’s usually about 10 PM that he gets some energy and wants to play. He’s not much for going out in the rain. He’ll hold his pee until it stops raining. Last week, it was raining and I told him to go out an pee, and he didn’t… i walked out on the deck into the rain, and he just looked at me like “Ha, you’re crazy woman, I’m not going out there!” and turned back around into the house.  That’s my Marley. 🙂