So last night, we went to dinner with my MIL, FIL, BIL, and my high school classmate, Lily and her husband. He’s going to be working with us soon! 🙂  It was delish. we went for sushi! Ya’ll may or may not know, but I LOVE sushi! I can eat just about any kind except for uni (Sea urchin). I tried it and did not like it. I think it was a consistency issue.

Anyways, we had some weather yesterday afternoon… raining and pouring, and when I say pouring, I mean, when you looked out the windows it looked like a white wall, the rain was coming down so hard. We had tornado watches until 2AM.

While we were at dinner, a tornado touched down not far from us! We didn’t actually get to see it, but here are some pictures.  Courtesy of Facebook.

This weekend is the Blackbeard Festival (After Blackbeard the Pirate) and the tornado was right by the festival… Some damage was caused by it:

Just terrible and scary weather! 😦 As far as I’ve read/heard there hasn’t been any injuries… I hope it stays that way!

Hope everyone is having a safe weekend, and IS safe!