So, I’m doing a little self-challenge… A post a day during the month of June.

I saw somewhere in my scanning of blogs and web a Photo of the Day. I decided to switch it up a little bit and make it post a day. ūüôā

Today, I’m not only starting the Post a Day challenge, but I’m also doing the mean abs challenge that my friend, Michelle at Stuttering Shell posted about.

I’m excited about it… Not sure how long I’m actually going to last…. I mean have you looked at day 30??? 100 sit ups?!?! Are you serious? I get tired at 20! I’m so out of shape, I’ll try anything! LOL

Actually, I have been going back to the gym. ¬†Zumba, Yogalates, and this new thing called R.I.P.P.E.D. (really tough) It stands for¬†Resistance,¬†Intervals,Power,¬†Plyometrics,Endurance, and¬†Diet. It’s like a little bit of every gym class I’ve ever taken put into one- there’s push-ups, weights, jumping jacks and cardio, there’s kickboxing elements, there’s¬†Pilates, stretching, squats, ab works… you name it! All I can say is that this class kicked my butt, and it’s totally awesome! ¬†I feel sore today, but it’s the good kind of sore. ¬†Can’t wait for the next session! Hopefully I can build up my endurance and strength and keep up with the older ladies in my class!

Are you doing anything healthy this summer? Swimming? Biking? gym? I’d love to hear what’s keeping you fit! ¬†Maybe we can motivate each other!