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“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain.”
—Maya Angelou

It’s my 200th blog post! Sounds exciting right? Not so. I thought that I’d have something spectacular to post on my 200th post, but alas, I have nothing too exciting.

I toyed with the ideas of “200 Things I want to do before I die”, “20 Nice things I’m going to do for 10 days”, “200 facts about me”,… but then thought that’s A LOT! So then the thought was to write about something so earthshakingly insightful and profound…. but then that went to the trash file too.

So post #200 is nothing special. Though I have to admit that I think my thoughts are pretty special! 🙂

What I have been thinking these days:

  • I need some change- not sure what it is. I think I have spring cleaning fever- I want to organize, clean, transform myself- be more positive emotionally, find more zen in my life, get physically in shape…So, I started last week by first changing my hair… well i got it cut a little shorter and added some color.
  • I need to lose some weight… Hum. I need to switch more to fresh fruits and veggies. Going to the gym should help too! I’ve planned out time on my calendar every day during the week to go to the gym to do classes: zumba, Pilates, and body pump. 🙂
  • I can’t wait to finish school!!! … wait, maybe not- that means I have to move on to a real career!!! (insert a little anxiety here)
  • Babies, babies, babies! Seems like everyone around me is having babies! So excited for them… waiting for our turn.
  • Weddings.. Springtime reminds me that wedding season is here! I love weddings so much, that I would totally do our wedding day all over again! What I loved the most was having all our family and friends with us!  I guess we don’t have to have a wedding, but any chance to have family together is my favorite time!
  • Communication and friends- taking a class on communication… wondering if I am really a good friend? Am I a good communicator?  Starting to make more of an effort to communicate with my friends that I value by calling them, sending handwritten notes, etc- not just via Facebook or Twitter.
  • How in the world did I end up with Champagne taste (I have a beer budget)?  It never fails that in picking between things, even without knowing the prices, I almost always choose the most expensive thing! Although, now I can honestly say that I am getting better at rationalizing if I REALLY NEED something before buying. A few years ago, I’d buy and then figure out how I was going to pay for it.  This usually consisted of A. racking up on credit cards, B. Going without something (or at least thinking I will), C. figuring out a new idea to make more money.
  • I need to finish up this post so I can go and pack for our trip down to the Outer Banks for Memorial day! 🙂

Ta Ta for now!!!! Have a great weekend ya’ll!!!