I’m still here! I’ve just been fighting bronchitis!

It all started with allergies.

Then the post nasal drip… it was like a waterfall down my throat and down my nostrils…

Then I was coughing and wheezing… Time to go to the doctor.

Hoped it wasn’t going to be bronchitis, but that’s what she said: Bronchitis.

Just Great! In the midst of the end of the semester with papers, projects, and presentations due, bronchitis is just what I needed.

So it was prescribed: prednisone, an inhaler, nasal rinse, humidifier, sudafed, and zyrtec. That was Thursday.

Today is Monday, and I still feel like crap. 😦 Voice comes and goes. Coughing has increased (I think that’s a good sign- a sign of things breaking up). Energy is still low. AND papers, projects, and presentations are still due with finals looming a week later….

Somebody stop time! Just long enough for me to get better and catch up!

If only I could look as cute as Little Lucy in this pic! (From Crane Photography)