Happy Easter Ya’ll!!!

We’ve headed down to the Outer Banks to our family beach house for some family fun time! 🙂

Here is the Four Sea Sons (jt’s available for rentals) More Info.


To get festive for Easter, I painted my nails to look like Easter eggs:


We’re headed down with Tom’s Mom and dad, 3 brothers, and his cousins and her 2 kiddos.  Personally, I love going down in the off season… less traffic, and not too many tourists.  The only thing about this trip is that it was a bit chilly- not warm enough to lay on the beach and get some rays.

Here’s the Wright Memorial Bridge… crossing it, you car bounces and sounds like “ba bump, ba bump, ba bump…” To me it says… “almost there, almost there, almost there” 🙂Image

And when we finally got to the beach, the ocean was whipping up!!!! See the sea foam in the bottom right of the picture?Image

Of course, I had to get a pic of Marley’s paw print. I LOVE this shot!Image

It’s me!!! As you can see, we needed our windbreakers!Image

Some poor kid lost their ball, it came blowing down the beach at warp speed… (no kids to be seen), and I ran and saved the ball!!! Then proceeded to have some fun with it:



We did some shopping, had dinner and are prepping for Easter tomorrow! 🙂

Good times in the OBX…. Enjoy some more pictures of the day… (click on the image to be taken to the slideshow)