The hubby and I are headed to Vegas! One of our favorite places to get away to.

Though, we are not gamblers, we LOVE Vegas….

…for the shows, the lights, the food… the pure overindulgence! (I like the shops too!)

However, we’re not doing any of that this trip…

We’re off to see our favorite band: 311.

Every other year, they have an all day event on March 11th, which they call 311 day. This year, the show is 2 days long Saturday and Sunday! Epic.

It is going to be one long weekend! We’re coming back LATE night on Monday night and I’ll have school the next day, with a midterm to take! YIKES! I’ll be getting in some studying while on the plane! 🙂

On another note, the beginning of Spring Break has been super productive. I was able to write a paper, do a presentation, go to a Franklin-Covey event and see Stephen Covey Speak, refinish our kitchen cabinets (although the cabinets are done, the kitchen isn’t finished…pics will come later in a longer blog post), crank out some work for my job, work on a logo for a client, and take care of some sorority event planning…
WHEW!  Busy, but I LOVE IT!

TaTa for now, we’re off and away!!!!

If you’re wondering who 311 is, here is a YouTube video:

Happy Friday Ya’ll! Have a great weekend!!!!