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I’m linking up this week with Mrs.Monologues and my friend, Michelle at Stuttering Shell in Fur Baby Friday.

Last weekend for my birthday, I received what I call a “Big Girl Camera” (Cannon EOS Rebel T3). I was stoked! I’ve been wanting a real camera for so long.  So many times have I gotten frustrated with my point and shoot. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my point and shoot for the convenience of having something small to caputure something quick, but for life’s important moments, my DSLR will come in handy.  Like taking pictures of our fur baby, Marley…

He’s such a good subject.  He doesn’t say MOM, STOP taking pictures! He sits and smiles for the camera.  He’s sooo fricking cute. I love him so much!

He was originally Tommy’s best friend’s dog. They got him as a puppy.  The had a baby and had to move to Colorado. Marley couldn’t come. Marley came to Tommy.  A man and his loyal friend…

Then along came Vy… Marley loved me, which was a big deal. Marley is a little skittish and gets very nervous when new people are around.  (It’s kind of embarrassing, especially when we take him for a walk and he hides behind our legs when kids pass by). When we were dating, Marley would just get so excited when I would come over and visit Tom. It was the cutest thing. (I could see out the corner of my eye, Tommy watching the interaction and smiling in approval). I wonder how far we would have gotten if Marley didn’t choose me. LOL.

We love him so much, we incorporated Marley into our wedding cake topper. (We had a whimsical wedding with a whole monkey theme, hence the monkeys). We got our custom cake topper from Keren at Mudcards on Etsy. Working with Keren was awesome. I sent her a picture of Marley, and she had his markings all right. We now have our topper displayed in our family room on a shelf.

I could tell you so many great stories about Marley boy… but all of those stories will just have to wait for another Fur Baby Friday. 🙂

Marley wanted me to tell you all he wags his tail and says Hi! (It’s less scary for him to be friendly over the internet)

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