Whoever said leadership is easy, is nuts!

I’m President of my sorority, and I’ve learned a few things about leadership in my few months as the leader of the organization:

1. You can’t make everyone happy.

2. Not everyone will do their jobs.

3. Know when to admit when you are wrong.

4. Even though there are many outlets for communication, there are just some people who won’t communicate with you.

5. Being a leader and enforcing rules, is bound to make someone upset (see #1).

6. Emails and text messages are NOT the best ways to communicate… tone and emotion are missing, so people tend to jump to conclusions.

7. If you empower people with tasks and duties, they are more likely to self-motivate and take initiative.

8. Let your team know you have an open door policy. Be available for your team as a sounding board, or for advice.

9. Have a mentor or someone that you can you can get advice from or bounce ideas off of.

10. Believe in yourself and the decisions you make.

I know that this will be a continuous learning process. Some days are harder than others and some situations are frustrating, but the good outweighs the tougher times. I’ve also learned to just let things go sometimes.  I’m sensitive and my feelings get hurt easily, but I’m learning to not take things personally. I’m continuing my journey to becoming a better leader.  What makes my day is the emails I get from some of the sisters just thanking me for being a great leader… always make me smile and motivates me to be better.

What kind of lessons have you learned from your leadership roles? Any suggestions or ideas on leadership?