Hey ya’ll! 
I’ve been contemplating this for a while…
and have finally decided to move my blog…
from Blogger to WordPress
A few people I’ve followed have done the move.
And I LOVE their blogs!
Now it’s my turn!
I’m going to try to migrate to WP by myself (thanks to a tutorial that Dollars and Roses), then look into a new design.
I’ll keep the same name: Vynuss Vision.
You’ll have to make some changes on your end though so that you can continue to keep up with me. (which I hope you do)
Since WordPress doesn’t use friend connect, you’ll have to subscribe to my blog via rss feed.
Just copy and paste my blog url: www.vynussvision.com into Google Reader or any of the other RSS readers  you use.
The other thing I love is that my Kindle Fire has an app that I can use to post to WordPress.
There might just be more posts coming from me, especially since I’ll have the ability to post on the go!
I’ll keep you all updated when I’ve made the move… so bear with me.
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