Friday Night, my MIL joined me and some of my sorority sisters at a production of the Vagina Monologues that was being held on ODU campus.

We started out the night with dinner at a delicious italian restaurant: Fellini’s on Colley Ave in Norfolk. We had a nice salad and mom and I split a Key West Pizza: which was basically shrimp, basil, tomatoes, and a garlic butter sauce on a thin crust pizza. So delicious!!!

The sisters outside the restaurant… it was so cold out!
What you don’t see in this pictures is how cold it really was.  Our jackets are all just behind the camera. 

After dinner and the picture, it was off to the show. 

I have to admit, it wasn’t what I expected. 
I’m not too sure what I expected, but it was an amazing show.
I laughed so hard, I cried. There were parts that were emotional, I cried.  I learned a few facts. 
I would recommend all moms, daughters, sisters, aunts, cousins, friends go to this.  
Some of my Sorority sisters… The one in the middle was actually in the production!
In preparation of the show, we sold chocolate vaginas as a fundraiser. 10% went to the Spotlight Campaign: The women of Haiti, and 90% went to the Response Sexual Assault Services of YWCA. It was a fun fundraiser, and went really well!!! We’re still tallying the numbers!
Picture of the chocolates.
Janine Latus was there to do a monologue, and of course it was amazing to see here!
If you’re not familiar with her, she is an advocate and a writer. She wrote the book called, “If I’m Missing or Dead: A Sister’s story of Love, Murder, and Liberation”. 

A brief synopsis of the book from her website:

In April 2002, Janine Latus’s youngest sister, Amy, wrote a note and taped it to the inside of her desk drawer. “Today Ron Ball and I are romantically involved,” it read, “but I fear I have placed myself at risk in a variety of ways. Based on his criminal past, writing this out just seems like the smart thing to do. If I am missing or dead this obviously has not protected me…”
That same spring Janine Latus was struggling to leave her marriage — a marriage to a handsome and successful man. A marriage others emulated. A marriage in which she felt she could do nothing right and everything wrong. A marriage in which she felt afraid, controlled, inadequate, and trapped.
Ten weeks later, Janine Latus had left her marriage. She was on a business trip to the East Coast, savoring her freedom, attending a work conference, when she received a call from her sister Jane asking if she’d heard from Amy. Immediately, Janine’s blood ran cold. Amy was missing.
Helicopters went up and search dogs went out. Coworkers and neighbors and family members plastered missing posters with Amy’s picture across the county. It took more than two weeks to find Amy’s body, wrapped in a tarpaulin and buried at a building site. It took nearly two years before her killer, her former boyfriend Ron Ball, was sentenced for her murder.
Amy died in silent fear and pain. Haunted by this, Janine Latus turned her journalistic eye inward. How, she wondered, did two seemingly well-adjusted, successful women end up in strings of physically or emotionally abusive relationships with men? If I Am Missing or Dead is a heart-wrenching journey of discovery as Janine Latus traces the roots of her own — and her sister’s — victimization with unflinching candor. This beautifully written memoir will move readers from the first to the last page. At once a confession, a call to break the cycle of abuse, and a deeply felt love letter to her baby sister, Amy Lynne Latus, If I Am Missing or Dead is an unforgettable read.

What a strong woman, and what a powerful book.  I’d first heard of Janine when I worked at the HER Shelter, and was already in awe of her and her sister’s story… 
Even though I can not work at the shelter because of my schedule, I am still an advocate to help bring awareness to domestic violence.

If you get a chance to see the Vagina Monologues, go! It’s a great show!