I am so excited about this weekend’s Superbowl Game!
Of Course I was cheering on the New York Giants
We went to watch the game at a friend’s house, I was the only Giants Fan there! Most people in these neck of the woods are all Redskins Fans, my dear husband included. My hubby was rooting with me (semi-silently)!!! He’s not a fan of the Patriots. 
I’ve even painted my nails!
(eek, don’t mind the dry cuticles!- think I need to start using more moisturizer!)

Halftime was okay.
I LOVE Madonna.
Not a fan of her new song.
Love classic Madonna songs.

I was really disappointed in the commercials. 😦
The one that sticks out is the M&M commercial:

I just thought it was too funny how it played on the immaturity of boys. 🙂 LOL.

What were your thoughts on the commercials and halftime?
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