Is it so bad that it’s now been 2 days since I  my wonderful husband started my laundry for me, and I have yet to get it out of the dryer to fold and put away?  I won’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve restarted the dryer. *blush*
I’m not really sure what my problem is with laundry lately… I used to LOVE to do laundry…so much so that I enjoyed ironing just about everything… I know, who loves ironing? I mean really.  I was that girl that ironed her sheets.  
These days, I feel like it’s such a chore!

Instead, I spend hours on Pinterest!!!

I love this graph… this is me.  The more time I spend on Pinterest, the more pinning I do, and the more pinning I do, the less I am productive.  It’s become an addiction my new favorite pastime…  I do so well until I get the email that says, “So and So is now following your pins… follow them back?” and of course I click the “follow back” button, bringing me to the site. Then it’s a black hole in my day.   I can’t say I regret it though.  I have found so many interesting things and some great DIY projects! Not to mention the ahhhh-mazing recipes!!!

My new goal is to actually do some of the things I’ve found and pinned. (in what time, I’m not sure, but I REALLY plan on trying to) This is going to be great!!!!

Are you on Pinterest?  Have you done any of the DIYs or made any of the recipes, or purchased anything you’ve found on Pinterest?