Chúc Mừng Năm Mới

 Which means “Happy New Year” in Vietnamese

Today, the Vietnamese and Chinese celebrate the beginning of the Lunar New Year!

This year marks the year of the Dragon!!!

I do love dragons! I have one on tattooed on my back. The dragon is thought to bring luck, strength, nobility, wisdom, and a promising future.

What I love about the New Year is the food!

Banh Tet

Banh Tet is a cake that consists of glutinous rice(sticky rice), mung beans, and pork, which is wrapped in banana leaves and steamed.  Usually people start making this a week before new years.  In South Vietnam, where my family is from, the shape is usually in a log shape.  In the North, it’s usually in the shape of a square. 

Xoi (sticky rice)
Xoi (pronounced soy) is sticky rice. It’s usually eaten with Gio, what I call Vietnamese bologna. The reason the xoi is colored orange/red is because of the baby jackfruit pulp they use to color the xoi red.  As you might know, the color red in Asian cultures is symbol of happiness and good luck.

Lì Xì

For kids, the thing I loved getting were lì xì, (pronounced lee see) which were little red and gold envelopes filled with money. I usually received them from my grandparents and other relatives.
We also got them during happy events like weddings. 🙂

Tonight, we have a New Years celebration on campus… I will be there, hopefully, if i feel well enough to go.  (I’ve been sick for a week now fighting  losing a battle with this cold). I really want to get there to eat all the yummy food!!!!

Do you celebrate the Vietnamese/Chinese New Year? What do you do to celebrate?

Wishing all my blog friends a HEALTHY and PROSPEROUS New Year full of LOVE, LUCK and LAUGHTER…

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới!!!!

xoxo- Vy