in 1958

Our Beloved designer, Lilly Pulitzer, left the hustle and bustle that is New York City and moved to beautiful and sunny Palm Beach, Florida with her beau Peter….

…She opened a juice stand, and to hide the juice stains on her dresses, she had a sleeveless colorfully printed dress made…

… and the birth of the classic shift dress was made…
But of course, not everyone knew about Lilly’s dresses until a famous person was seen in  it while on vacation.

Who was it that made the shift dress and Lilly’s name famous?

Famous First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy!

Lilly’s dresses were popular among the socialites and was very popular into the early 80’s.
In 1984, they were no longer producing the line.
It wasn’t until 10 years later that the Lilly line was bought and revived.
Today, Lilly dresses are a treasure and a heirloom. 
Here are some of my Lilly wearing moments:
A Sorority Event

My Aunt’s wedding (Me and my baby brother)
Our First Easter with just the 2 of us.
Visiting my friend Phil at his Restaurant in NoLa (He just opened a NEW Restaurant in NoLA- ROOT!!!)

Visiting one of my favs in the world- Trishy in NoLa 
The pictures could go on…the memories made while wearing Lilly dresses…The quality of the dresses is…  the lifestyle and “cult” that is Lilly Pulitzer is what we celebrate.  We celebrate the  woman who started it all- Lilly Pulitzer.

Happy Birthday Lilly!
We ❤ you!!!

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