Happy Halloween Friends!!!
We’ve decorated our house for the trick or treaters! 
(it’s hard to tell, but there’s cobwebs all over the porch and blood stains on the door)
Complete with a graveyard…
We had some kids scared to walk up to our house! One little girl told me she was afraid of the spiderwebs. Another told me he was just plain scared of my haunted house. 
Mind you, my neighbor was playing some creepy music next door… i thought the music scared me more than my decorations!
Tommy and I went to the pumpkin patch  farmer’s market to get our pumpkins!
This is the same farmer’s market that President Obama and the First Lady visited when they came to Hampton:
We had a competition to see who would carve a better pumpkin. I tried to throw him off by saying I would carve something really easy.  When he got started, I brought out the big guns and carved something what I really wanted to carve:
Here’s his:
What do you think?  
I saw some really great pumpkins this year on blogger and Facebook.  Did you carve or decorate pumpkins? What’s your favorite way to decorate yours- carve? paint? cover?
Hope you and all the minnies had a great Halloween!!!!