WOW, so it’s been just a little over 2 months since my last post!?!?
Well, school started and my life went into overdrive. Literally. I was working, working, working, schooling, and not sleeping.

My career job was in full swing since we were in the midst of convention and conference season.  Add to that my job at the women’s shelter for victims of domestic violence was busy (sadly, it’s always busy there!) and October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, so gearing up for that was just busy.  In addition, I had a few orders in for Vynuss Designs, my company I started a few months back. And then add to all that busy and craziness, I’m a full time student and school started. This semester has been much harder than any semester I’ve had thus far. Managerial Econ, Operational Management, Managerial Finance, and Business Statistics… Whew…  Oh, did I say, I HATE MATH? 😦 Yes, I do not like math, I can do it if I HAVE to, but do not prefer to do it.  I’m also president of my sorority, so that keeps me busy too. Not to mention my poor husband… Oh, how I felt like a horrible wife, just coming home to eat and doing absolutely nothing to help him with all the housework chores. He’s my lifesaver and my hero for taking care of me, and loving me. (that’s NOT him below… but it’s a good representation of what he’s done)

Anyways, something had to give, so I left the shelter. It was 40 mins from my home one way,  I was only working 2 days a week, and I felt it was not fair to the staff and myself.  It was sad, because I really loved what I did there, and I loved the people!  They really didn’t want me to leave, and at times I contemplated not leaving, but it was a necessity at this point. The good thing is that I can come back and help out as a volunteer and work on some projects. πŸ™‚

Since I’ve left, I feel a little less stressed, probably because I can actually read for school and catch up.  I just can’t wait for school to be over. If everything goes well, I’ll be hopefully graduating in May 2013.
I am excited to get back into blogging again. I tried to at least keep up with everyone, with whatever time I had, but it was so dang hard.  I have some reading to do to catch up, but that sounds like fun to me! πŸ™‚ In the next few posts, I’ll just be spending some time updating you all on what’s been going on with me & Tommy and our adventures.

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