All names that Irene has been called.  And she’s coming this a way!
I was a nervous wreck earlier this week. Add to the fact that I was running a fever of 103.1 just Monday and Tuesday.  Then we had a 5.8 magnitude earthquake! It was crazy!!! 
It made me dizzy. I survived my first earthquake!!! 🙂 
There wasn’t any damage at our house, so this picture is hilarious!!!

It’s been an eventful week!
Today, I finally start feeling better.. just in time to hurricane prep.
We’ve batten down the hatches: secured all our outdoor equipment by brining most everything inside or into the garage, brought all our plants indoors, filled our tubs with water, did laundry, vacuumed the house, stocked up on food and water, and of course alcohol!!!
We’re ready for Irene, and now, I’ve got cabin fever from being home sick all week and then thinking about being stuck in the house while Irene is in town. 😦
I was worried about my family as most of them are on the southside, Tom’s family is in Poquoson, a very flood prone area… good news is that their house is in the high part. 🙂 
Now that everything is all set, I’m getting excited.  I haven’t been home for a good ole hurricane in years!!! Since before 1998!!!
Tommy and I are waiting for Irene with our Light and Stormies… Since we didn’t have Ginger beer, we opted for Ginger Ale.  It’s a drink from the BVI that we loved and it’s a perfect hurricane drink!!!

Light and Stormy Drink
Dark Rum
Ginger Ale
Lime Twist

Dark and Stormy Drink
Dark Rum
Ginger Beer
Lime Twist

Pour Rum over ice, top with Ginger Ale or Beer, and Squeeze the lime juice into the drink and drop the lime in.

We’ll off to the hurricane wait… Hopefully there’s not a lot of damage. I am sure we’ll lose power… let’s hope for not too long. 

Oh, and I go back to school on Tuesday since the first few days of school has been cancelled for most all of the colleges here- ODU, NSU, Christoper Newport, William & Mary…

Everyone on the East Coast, Be Safe!!!