Well, I wouldn’t say it’s quite an addiction… but I do love skype.  I love that I can hop online and “see” and talk to my friend in Minnesota, show my momma something real quick when I can’t make it over, talk to my cousin late night while he shows me his college diploma over Skype, talking to our baby cousin as she tells us a story of her day, or just connecting to family that live out of state and don’t get to see on a regular basis…  As busy as my days get, and as much texting, email, and phone calls we do, I love being able to see people.  I know it can never take the place of physically seeing someone and running over to give them a hug, but it helps when I can’t see them in person.
  • All the above+
  • Free video chat one on one, can go up to 10 people (with a paid subscription)
    • Works from PC to Macs and vice versa
  • You can share your screen (I use this with my mom in law when we do tech support or work stuff)

  • Skyping when you look like crap, sometimes when you’re at home and just woke up or just worked out…
  • I don’t have a lot of people on it… at least not all my family is on it.
  • Group video chat requires a subscription (We tried the 3-way video chat and I could only see one of the persons we were chatting with, but we could all hear each other) 
Does anyone else use Skype?  What do you use it for?  What are your experiences??
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