There is just something amazing about space shuttles going into space.  Ever since I was a kid, and as far back as I can remember, watching a space shuttle take off to outer space is was the COOLEST thing ever!  So watching the final space shuttle take off was really exciting and sad for me.   I’ll admit, I had a few tears.
I woke up and watched it from the beginning.  Hearing all the final checks, listening to the “It’s been great working with you”, and the “it’s a go” to the final count down was emotional. 
Am I a geek and the only one that still thinks this was the most awesome thing ever?  My DH, Tommy,  didn’t care all that much about the launch, but thought I was just too cute because I was so into it and cared.
This morning he brought in the paper with the front page covered with the picture of the Atlantis, and said “Here you go honey, I thought you might want to keep this one.” How’d he know I’d probably throw it into my collection of important history newspapers (the day Pope John Paul II died, OJ’s trial, Bin Laden, Princess Di, and the Wedding of 2011)

We’ll that’s my post on my feelings about the history making event of this week.  This weekend we have one of my BF’s in town from DC, and we’re going to the beach! The weather was not that great yesterday, so we couldn’t take them out on the boat.  Let’s just hope today stays gorgeous, so they can experience Va Beach (they’ve never been).
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!