I’ve never been much for tankini’s, but I’m about to start taking dive lessons and need a substantial bathing suit, something that’s not going to “expose the goods” so to speak.
I’m not sure if I’m ready for a once piece. The last time I was in a one piece was in high school when I was on the swim team (and in my best shape ever)
Hummm maybe I should get back into swimming…
So, I went on a tankini search in the stores and didn’t find anything I liked.
Then I remembered a lil ole site: zappos.com, and I remembered they had all kinds of things besides shoes, so I searched for tankinis and came up with a couple hundred of them!
I found a tankini that I actually loved:
And here are the bottoms I got:
I just thought they were too cute (and nautical)!
The best part- it’s free overnight shipping and free shipping both ways!!!
I can’t wait to see how it’s going to look and fit. 
Has anyone ever shopped Zappos?