Wow, has it really been over 2 months since my last blog post?!!?
Let’s see if we can do a top 10 quick update of what’s been going on.
1.  Finished school for the semester- got all A’s!!!
2. Cut down 4 trees on our property… finally got rid of the gum ball trees. Marley can now enjoy the back yard. AND we no longer have to stress about the tree’s roots pushing on our foundation.

3.Tore apart and rebuilt a much bigger deck… We thought it was going to be a weekend project, but instead it turned out to be an almost 4 week project instead (and still going) !!

3. Went to a DH’s uncle’s wedding in Northern VA- on a boat. A paddle boat- The Cherry Blossom on the Potomac. Had a great time, but got a lil sea sick. 
4. Went to our annual event- Gold Cup. A steeple chase in NoVA the weekend of the Derby!
5. FINS up! Went to see Jimmy Buffett in Va Beach!! Always a great time!
6. Went to our favorite place: OBX to our beach house for Memorial Day weekend. The sun was hotttt that weekend that we all got sunburned!
7. Went to New Orleans to visit some friends and get away for a long weekend.
(We got to see my fav people: Phillip Lopez- Exec. Chef at Rambla in NOLA, and Trishy of Preppy Pink Lilly Lover)

8. My two cousins- Jenny and Josh, graduated from college.  We had a great party for them.
9. I went on a retreat for work to JMU for 3 long days. 
10. I finally officially started my own company- Vynuss Designs… Custom Stationary, Invitations, and my jewelry.  Check out the new website which is still being worked on at
So that’s my top 10 of what’s been going on these past couple months. 

I have lots of catching up to do!!! Hope everyone is doing well, and is not as busy as I’ve been!