Greetings BF’s!
It’s been a long time since I’ve played along with Trish’s Pink and green Thursdays, but since I just got this yesterday, I had to play!
As soon as I saw them I had to put them on my Lilly Wishlist and of course pre-order them too! What a great way to bring a smile to my face!!! I heard the truck drop off a package, my DH went to the door and retrieved my package, and I knew it had arrived!!!
They are too cute and just perfect for when the weather clears up and I can sip wine out on the deck
Don’t you just love this deck!!!!
or beach.
I love the calm serenity of this beach
I am slowly getting better… I went to the doctor twice and the first time (Friday) she told me that I had a virus and that it just had to work it’s course. I pretty much slept the weekend away, By Tuesday I had to get back to the doctor since I didn’t feel any better. Found out that it turned into a bacterial infection and was given a Z-pack, Prednisone, an inhaler, and super cough syrup.  I am at least on an upswing now. If you could hear me talk, you’d think I had a frog in my throat. 🙂
Also found out that I have reactive airway disease which is almost like asthma. 😦
More rest for me for a couple more days….