I have to share my current Lilly Wish List:
I want to have this furniture!!!!!
I love the chair! I think it would be great for my craft room! I would totally re-do our reading room for that chair if my DH would allow it… 
He knows I love Pink and Green, but he’s not a huge fan… however I see yellow in the chair, so maybe… 
Okay, so maybe this shouldn’t be on my wish list since I’ve already pre-ordered it. I can’t wait for it to come it and drink my wine in it…
It’s one of my favorite Lilly Prints and I think DH secretly loves it do because of the monkeys!

Not that I NEED another bike, but if I had a Lilly bike, then MAYBE I’d go for more bike rides… 🙂
I would totally add a basket to the front!!!!
What are some of your latest Lilly Must haves?
Most of mine do not consist of clothes because I am determined to lose some weight, so no purchasing Lilly clothes until I meet my mark!
(Now that is motivation!!!)