Happy Weekend!!!
We went up to Annapolis last weekend for a “Surprise” 50th Birthday party and family reunion for DH’s family.  It was a good time.  I was exhausted from not being able to sleep the night before, but was still able to have a good time. 
DH’s grandmother was an identical twin and the twin’s birthdays were right around this time, so they typically got the entire family together for a family reunion around this time.  Now, both sisters have passed, and they still continue the tradition.  
The O’Donnell’s…Some of them
I love traditions!  What are some of your favorite family traditions?
My family dosen’t really have a lot of traditions.  A lot of the family traditions/gatherings have dwindled with everyone growing up and moving away and having their own families.  The family gatherings we had used to be so frequent that it was almost every weekend we were getting together. Most of our get togethers always seemed to focus around food. 
Good. Food. 
Like Pho! (a Vietnamese Beef noodle Soup)
I remember when I were a child, the aunts and uncles would all get together and get a bushel of crabs to eat.  We’d have to lay out the newspaper and drawn butter and then just dump a bunch of crabs on the table…
Most of our summer family gatherings consisted of bushels of steamed crabs.
This was a picture from one of our family reunions. 
I am so glad we have a home so that we can start our own family traditions and have everyone over for events and gatherings. Both our families are so big, that I don’t think we’d be able to get everyone over to our home.  I can’t wait till the next family reunion…whenever that will be. The next wedding? Graduation? 
My family reunion… one of them. 🙂
Hope you’ve all had a beautiful weekend!