We’re back at our favorite place to be:
The Outer Banks
We are just enjoying time with the family, catching up on some things, and then doing a lot of relaxing.
No need to mention my daily activity of collecting shells…
The weather was a bit cloudy on the first day, then it POURED (with tornado warnings), and today was a bit chilly, but sunny.
We’ll be leaving to go home tomorrow.
Always the saddest day at the beach.
But we’ll be back!
Here are some shots I took:
Tommy and mom


Beach access


Looking over the dunes

Artsy shot of the beach access

Hope everyone’s week has gotten off to a good start!
I’m on Spring Break from school, but not from work. LOL

Also, as you might notice, the blog look might be changing around as I play with new looks. Let me know what you all think!