Where have I been lately?  BUSY.
What have I been doing? EVERYTHING!
 I seem to have little to no time these days.   After I started working at the Vera Bradley/Stationary Store in about October right after the wedding, my life went 500 MPH.  Not only was I working at the shop part time, but I also was interning at a domestic violence shelter.  I was eventually offered a part time position as the volunteer coordinator and I love it.  Add to all of this my going to school full time for the first time in over 12 years and also working for another company, my father in law’s company as a consultant.  I was swamped and Tommy was feeling neglected.  
We went on our honeymoon in January to Aruba (LOVED IT) and when we came back, life was hectic!  We enjoyed each other’s company and bonded. We needed it after the busy season of the holidays. 
I had to cut back something, and figure out how to spend time with my new husband since my jobs were keeping me from home, and when I finally made it home, I just wanted to go to bed or was just too exhausted to do anything at all.
The shop was the first thing I had to cut out- it was too demanding time-wise and didn’t pay nearly as much as my other jobs and it also conflicted with my plans to go to school full time. The people I worked with were great, but it just wasn’t a good enough fit for my full time school schedule and life. 
The shelter continued to be a flexible place to work and I consistently feel like it’s a place I’m helping make a difference.  I am still there and love it.
The consulting with my father in law’s company became a real part-time job, and I really enjoy it. It keeps me back in the corporate world, yet is also flexible with my already crazy schedule.
I have also been working on my design work and creative skills and have been doing some print jobs for some friends and family, which takes some time. 
I’m also the Vice President of my sorority, so that also keeps me busy with some event planning and coordination.  
I guess the key for me is the flexibility I am lucky to have.  There would be no way possible that I could do all that I am attempting to do if my jobs were not flexible.
School has been rather demanding, and I feel like after I’ve finished working at the shelter, for the other company, design work, spending time with Tommy until he goes off to bed, I’m staying up till 2 or 3 am to finish studying or school work.  What sleep? Sleep is over rated. LOL
It’s been a busy busy time for me, and I’ve got tons on my plate, than goodness I have a wonderful husband who cooks for me at night and tries to take care of me, especially when I can’t.
It sucks that he’s unemployed right now, but I feel like I have to work harder to help support.  He’s busy looking and I hope that he’ll find something. I am just being a supportive wife… just as he was supportive when we moved back home and I was unemployed.  Things are going to be tight for a while, but we can do it! 🙂
Hope that everyone else is doing great! I know I haven’t commented much, but I am reading updates on my phone and keeping up the best I can with everyone. 🙂