So, one of my group assignments for class is to create a wiki page for a topic.
Luckily (or unluckily) I have a group of all girls.
Lucky because the topic we chose is going to be fabulous- Coco Chanel!!!
Unluckily, because 3 of the 5 girls had no idea who Coco Chanel was!!!
Can you believe it?
They had never heard of the House of Chanel!!!
I found that impossible and thought they were just kidding!
I then proceed to ask them if they’ve ever seen the Coco Before Chanel movie. 
(Blank stare)
How about Chanel No.5?
 (Shoulders shrug)
Hummm, how about Karl Lagerfield? 
I know! How about the double C’s?
 (blink, blink)
This should be rather interesting.  I figured EVERYONE would know the Chanel name.  I ended up assigning homework to my team- they all had to rent and watch the Coco before Chanel movie.  In fact, I plan to watch the movie again. Oh shucks!
I love some of the fashion of the Cruise collection 2011…
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Please tell me I’m not crazy thinking everyone should know about Chanel, even just the name! Or is it that Chanel does not appeal to the younger generations? I remember falling in love with Chanel in high school when I couldn’t afford Chanel fashion.  I love the classic style and the perfume… oh the perfume.
At least with this new project, I can introduce Chanel to 3 more young women who might just learn to appreciate the haute couture  and classic fashion coming from the House of Chanel. 
Happy almost Friday ya’ll!!!
xoxo- Vy