Today was a beautiful day in the Hampton Roads Area!
I started the day with an awesome bowl of home-made brown sugar, cinnamon, and apple oatmeal. It was DELISH!
Then Tommy and I did some yard work and raked up all the terrible gumballs that have covered our yard for a while.  Our dog, Marley wouldn’t even play in the yard anymore.
Then I went off to an alumni luncheon for my sorority. We celebrated some of the ladies’ 90 plus birthdays! It was so awesome!  One of the alumni even showed me her birth announcement!  
It was stamped with a 2 cent stamp!!!! 
The Birthday Gals
I loved being able to chat with our alumni and found some really amazing women. One of the ladies I chatted with told me how she’s been doing some really neat research on her family’s genealogy. She’s traced her history back to John Smith’s days!!! How amazing is that!!!
We also played some games and I won in Bingo!!! 
When I left, I decided to take a walk down the beach, since it was so gorgeous out.  I ended up collecting a few shells, but nothing too spectacular. 
I met up with my in-laws and Tommy and did dinner and a movie.
We went and saw Just Go With It.  IT WAS HILARIOUS! I laughed so hard my sides hurt and I had tears coming down my face.  I just love Adam Sandler movies!
Tomorrow will be more of a day to catch up on homework, work, and some projects I’ve been working on.  Hope the weather continues to be gorgeous and everyone can get out and enjoy!