So I’m currently attending a leadership development class and one of the things we’ve been challenged to do is JOURNAL! And Daily at that!

Of course, my initial thought is that there is absolutely NO WAY possible that I can add another book to my backpack! It’s already weighing in at a ton and a half!
(4 Classes in which I am required to bring my books to each class, my laptop, laptop power cord, my notebook/binder, pens, highlighters, and of course my wallets and cosmetic cases). Some days it’s extra loaded down with items I need to work at the battered women’s shelter that I work at. 

So, I realized that I’ve been wanting to get back into my blog since I’ve been neglecting my blog, and what better way to get back into it and accomplish a task required!
So hopefully you’ll be reading more of the blog in the near future, that is if anyone is still reading…  🙂

xoxo- Vy