This past weekend, we had a dinner party. 
This time, it was a Pho night. I called it Friends, Family, and Pho.
 It was such a fun night. The idea actually came to me when friends of mine were interested in trying Pho, a Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup (Pronounced “Fuh”- most people will try to pronounce it as “Fo”). I had mentioned it in conversation that I know how to make it, and of course they asked if I could make it for them. I love to eat Pho and didn’t mind at all. Whenever I do make it, my in-laws usually come over for it too, so as it originally started as Friends and Pho, I expanded it to include Friends, Family, and Pho.
Here are some of the pictures from the evening.
I’m a bit pink- I get the glow from drinking wine. 🙂  This is Katie- one of my girlfriends who really wanted to try my pho.
From the comments from everyone, looks like we’re going to have more Pho nights. 
I love dinner parties, and can’t wait to have more… Hummm what other dinner party themes can we come up with???
Well, let’s wait till after the holidays!!!!
Hope that everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!!!