It was a busy weekend!
I worked all day Saturday.
Came home, had another couple and my brother in law over for a bonfire and drinks.
Their dog, Emma and our dog, Marley played and wore themselves out.
This isn’t them, but thought this was cute!
Sunday was church.
Then off to the Oceanfront for an event with a local shelter (H.E.R. Shelter) supporting the awareness of defeating domestic violence.
The staging area of the race…. Shortly after this, everyone ran/walked the 5k.
Then to campus for induction into an organization- APASU (Asian Pacific American Student Union).
I got a cute pink and green empty cup of memories- meant to be filled with new memories with APASU. 🙂
When I got home, I helped my brother in law and husband with salvaging and taking pictures of my brother in law’s house fire.
Getting ready to go to the house.
Here are the pictures of the 2 alarm fire:
Everyone made it out okay, thank goodness for his nose. He smelled the burning plastic smell and got everyone up and out of the house after he’d seen the fire and smoke.  The fire originated in the kitchen, on the stove. No one is quite sure what happened, but they are saying it was an unattended stove. No one was hurt.  They are gutting the house tomorrow.  The top and bottom apartment are not live-able. the fire also caused damage to the house next door as well.  All we can say is thank goodness everyone is safe.
I’m exhausted, so off to sleep I go. Tomorrow is a full day at work with another event in the evening and some studying to do for an exam.