I must share with you all my florist- Alisa Cowsert , owner of Botanique.
She was an amazing person to work with.  There are all kinds of florists to choose from and there’s one in town that’s supposed to be really great, but his prices are much too close to the stars than my pockets.   When I found Alisa through a reference, I fell in love with her work. She didn’t have an exhorbant studio displaying all kinds of arrangements or anything special, but instead an elegant, yet simple office space next to her warehouse where she does all of her work.  I must also note that the office was painted in my colors too!!! 🙂
When we pulled up for our first visit, I think I might have squealed!  On a table in her warehouse, she had a centerpiece all set up- much like the vision I had created in my head.   However, it wasn’t set up for me, but for another event she was working on.
As some of you may know, orchids and peonies are my favorite flowers.  I’ve always assumed that orchids would be too expensive to have, but Alisa knew how much I loved them and was going to make sure I had them in our arrangements and bouquet.  Peonies are more of a spring flower, so getting them for the Fall was going to be a little difficult. Alisa came up with another option that would give me the same feel- garden roses in pink.  She knew exactly what I wanted and then some.
She asked all kinds of questions learning about Tommy and I, and found that Tommy proposed with the barrel of monkeys. So she incorporated the barrel of monkeys into our bouquets and boutonnieres.  Tommy’s boutonniere had the monkey holding the flowers.
My bouquet had 2 monkeys arm in arm- if you look closely, you can see the silver barrel of monkeys at the bottom of his boutonniere and the 2 at the top of my bouquet.
 Here’s a close up of Tommy’s Bout.
She also had the monkeys in our sweetheart table arrangement.
Just amazing.
Our centerpieces consisted of high and low arrangements. Here’s the high table arrangement.
What’s awesome about this arrangement is that the arrangement was on a lightbox which illuminated the arrangement from the bottom up through the glass (in pink, of course!) as the sun set and the room got darker. The other thing I loved about it was the pink orchids which were floating in the vase.
She did a great job incorporating the coral plates in our short table arrangements.
I would recommend Alisa Cowsert to anyone in the area who needs an awesome florist who has amazing talent and creativity. 
Thank you Alisa for all your talents and the amazing job you did with our wedding!!!