I’m officially a Mrs.!!!
 Tommy and I were married in my hometown Norfolk, VA on October 9, 2010.  It was one year to the day that he proposed to me in his home in Poquoson, VA.
It was such a BEAUTIFUL day with BEAUTIFUL weather! We couldn’t have hoped for any better.
The days leading up to the wedding was slammed busy!  I actually worked up until Wednesday before the wedding.  So Thursday and Friday were running around days, staying up past 2AM, and stressing about all the last minute items.  There weren’t too many last minute items because I did a great job planning the wedding.  There were times that momma B and I just called each other saying…”I can’t think of anything else to do”.
The day went off just about perfect… The only hitch we had was my “best-friend” person who was supposed to show up and do mine and the bridesmaids’ hair didn’t show up. 😦  I got a text early AM from her saying that if I wanted her to do my hair, she’d need someone to come get her since she didn’t drive down… my MOH, Krystal, was amazing and calmed me down and said we could pick her up, we still had time. So, I called and texted her back- numerous times… no answer. coming up on 9:30 AM I had to make a decision and come up with a backup plan. I found a local salon- Salon Fringe.  THANK GOODNESS for the owner, Justin! He did an amazing job on my hair- he was my hero!
And a huge thanks to my girls for being there and a great support. 


We had a full Catholic mass. It was really beautiful. Catholic Wedding are long, but we were really happy we did a mass. 
I didn’t even make it down the aisle without crying.  Right before my dad and I walked down the asisle, I told him that I loved him… two steps later, I’m tearing and in need of tissues. A couple people handed me tissues. 🙂 

Instead of doing unity candles, we did a sand ceremony:

We loved the symbolism of the sand ceremony.  Since we are beach people, we decided that this fit our personality the best.  A sampling of what we had Tom’s dad read:
“…today you join your separate lives together. The two separate vessels of sand symbolize your separate lives, separate families and separate sets of friends. They represent all that you have been as an individual and your lives before today. As these two vessels of sand are poured into the third vessel, the individual vessels of sand will no longer exist, but will be joined together as one. Just as these grains of sand can never be separated and poured again into the individual vessels, so will your marriage be.”
 Our wedding party.
(L-R: JoJo, Danny, Joey, Kevin, Tommy, Me, Krystal, Jocelyn, Vinita, Susan)
After the ceremony, we went to our reception site and did some pictures with my photographer.  Followed by drinks, dinner, and dancing! I wish I could relive the day all over again! It was such a beautiful day and I was so happy to see all our families together celebrating our special day.

Our dance was amazing. I can’t wait to see the video! There was a dip, lots of twirls, some fancy steps, and a DEATH DROP! Quite a few people thought Tommy would drop me, but he’s an awesome dancer and with our practice, I had the utmost confidence in him.

Some other sights from our wedding:

One week and we are still doing amazing. We just can’t keep from reminiscing about our day and looking at pictures.  I can’t wait to get the pictures back from our photographer!!! These pictures I’ve posted here are just from friends and family!

I’ll share more little details about the day later. I didn’t want to make this post ridiculously long.

Hope you are all doing well, my dear BF’s.  Things are getting back to normal, slowly but surely. I’m trying to catch up with you all, so if my responses/comments are days (even weeks) late, you’ll know why. 🙂
XOXO- Mrs. Vy Barto
Music: At Last by Etta James