This is the picture I took on the ODU campus early this morning.  Introducing ODU’s newest pond!! πŸ™‚ We’ve been getting hammered by some serious rain! In fact, some roads are impassible due to the flooding. While in my class this morning, the tornado sirens were going off.  Tornadoes touched down and were seen in Norfolk, a few blocks from where I was.  The wind gusts were ridiculous! I sat in the parking garage, and the wind was shaking my car! Scary.  Anyways, I spent the rest of the day driving all over the area in the terrible weather. Again, Scary.
Well, I had to go to class- a paper was due.
I dropped off my cake toppers with my cake person,
I dropped off some votives and candles with my florist.
I met with my make up artist and did a trial run.
I had a facial to prep my face for the wedding.
I went to my dance lesson.
I think I actually almost used an entire tank of gas today. 
Tomorrow morning I have to get to the church at 9 AM and meet with the deacon for all the final paperwork delivery, then work all day.  Tomorrow night will be a nice night in for Tommy and I. We’re planning on doing movie night. 
I don’t mind this rain, right now. I hope it gets it out of its system so that next Saturday, we can have some amazing weather! I hear there’s a wedding next weekend that would LOVE to have some great weather. πŸ™‚
I don’t want to be wearing what I wore today:

I hope you are all doing well, I’ve been terrible at catching up with everyone. I’m sure I will do much better once this wedding planning and prep is all done!!!
Music: Don’t Rain on my Parade by the Glee Cast