Again it’s been a busy week.
First- I started a new job!
It’s a part-time job at a boutique shop in Newport News called “The Boutique”. It’s a cute shop full of Vera Bradley bags, accessories, and stationary.  
The other half of the store is called P.S. Paperie.  This part of the shop is too cute with all kinds of stationary and paper products, pens, gifts, and invitations. It’s my kind of shop.  
So far it’s been great! I think I’ll enjoy working here!
Second, school has been keeping me busy. I’m in school Tuesday – Thursday.
Third,  I’ve been busy with wedding planning and tying things together for the wedding.
Last week, I met with our florist, Alisa Cowsert and finalized the floral arrangements for the reception, the bouquets, and the corsages.  I’m really excited with what she’s come up with. She’s found a way to incorporate my white coral dishes I bought in Florida and  blogged about in February. 
It’s going to look awesome on our tables!
Fourth, this past weekend, Tommy and I were a part of my good girlfriend, Hailey’s wedding. She did a traditional Vietnamese wedding and it was amazing!!! We drove up to Northern Va on Friday afternoon and then got up early on Saturday for the wedding. The morning ceremony started at 10:00 AM with the grooms family and friends processing to the bride’s family house with trays of gifts.  The girls (my role) had to line up and accept the gifts from the groom side.  Everyone then comes inside and the introductions are made, the bride is brought down, and there’s a blessing and tea ceremony at the bride’s house then, everyone processes to the grooms house where it happens all over again.  Then there was a nice little break (few hours) and then the dinner reception started at 6PM.  10 course dinner is served and drinks, dancing, and cake… We could only make it till midnight.  We were exhausted!
The Procession of gifts
The Girls (Hailey, the Bride, has the yellow headpiece)
The guys with the bride and groom. (Tommy is the bottom right )
Me and Tommy
Tommy, Colin, Hailey, Me
This week should be somewhat normal.  The only really exciting thing is on Thursday, I’m driving back up to Northern Va to pick up my wedding gown! I’m soooooooo excited!!! I can’t wait to try it on! Wooo hooo!
Hope everyone is having a great week!  Can’t you feel the cooler air! We’ve had our windows open for a week or so. It’s been so nice.
Thanks to all my followers and readers.

Music: Freddie Mercury tribute Crazy Little thing Called Love
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