Well it’s been a very busy couple weeks!!!
Well in no particular order.
I started back at school…
It’s my first semester at ODU as a Lady Monarch. 🙂
I’m only going part time this semester because of the wedding. It would just be too much! Even so, it’s keeping me very busy with all the reading and homework!!!
I’m retaking an Accounting class because the accounting class I took over at Mason didn’t transfer over. Go figure. I’m also taking a Writing in the Social Sciences class, which is really interesting. I’m going to have to do some fieldwork and interviewing for this class.  I’m to observe and write about a subculture.  I’m not sure what subculture I’m going to write about yet. I’m thinking a nursing home or a women’s shelter? It has to be something we are not familiar with. We’re still in the exploratory stages.
Tommy and I went and enjoyed ECSC, the East Coast Surfing Championship here in Virginia Beach.  It was fun, and packed.  I actually did some volunteer work for the event and sold the T-shirts for the event as well as played beer police, making sure people weren’t leaving the event area with beer. 
Me in my hot yellow Volunteer T
The Crowded beach
We drove up to Northern VA to see Jimmy Buffett~ 
That’s always a great time! 🙂   We went to the Thursday show and thought it was awesome!  He called it the Hurricane Party because Earl was just offshore. I heard the Saturday show was even better.  Either way, we love Jimmy Buffett!!!
Momma B and Aunt Dana in their cute aprons
Momma, Tommy, and I (rockin out my cool shades! )
This guy’s outfit was hilarious!
Jimmy Buffett!!!
 Tommy and I were scheduled for our Pre-Cana (Pre-marriage counseling classes), but that ended up getting canceled because the instructors never showed up. About 10 or 15 other couples had to leave as well. We are rescheduled for this weekend. Hope it doesn’t get canceled again! (Fingers Crossed) 
Speaking of wedding…
I’ve been consumed with wedding stuff as well.
I’ve been meeting with caterers, wedding planners, florists, cake person, music director, church coordinator…. it’s getting down to the wire. As of yesterday, we are exactly ONE MONTH away from the big day!!!
I’ve also sent the invitations out and the responses are already starting to come back in! It’s sooo very exciting!  I can’t wait!
I spent some time with my dad last weekend and learned how to make Vietnamese Eggrolls! It was a lot of fun to spend some time with my dad and learn from him how to cook. Any time I spend time with my family learning how to cook is quality time for me. 
After 🙂 YUM
Hope you all are doing well, I have tons of catching up to do with all of you! Hopefully, I haven’t missed too much! 🙂 I’ll try my best to keep this updated and catch up with everyone soon!  Have a great weekend ladies!!!
Music: Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce; Longest Time by Billy Joel