What a whirlwind of a weekend with a lot of car time and girl time!!!
Friday morning, I left Southern VA an headed up to Northern VA.  A trip that normally takes me 3 hours, took me almost 5 hours! There was quite a bit of traffic!
I stopped in DC to pick up my best friend, Jamie. We had originally planned to have lunch and go shopping, but I’d gotten there so late that we went ahead and got on the road to head to Kent Island, MD on the Eastern Shore.
There, we stayed at my cousin’s in-law’s condo.  We went out and had dinner at an awesome restaurant called Bridges…
and ate some delish food…
 (the seafood nachos were TDF!)
…and we enjoyed the sunset…
… with a some drinks…
(Vy, Susan in Red, Vinita in back, Hailey in red to far right)
After dinner, we went out for more drinks and bachelorette dares!
Hailey, Vinita, Vy, Jamie (JJ), Krystal
One of the dares was to get 3 men of the girls’ choosing and get them to write down what they thought marriage was. The best answer we got was…

Marriage is in a glance, you see your friend, not a lover.  A person whom doesn’t judge but binds your heart without walls. It is easy when it is effortless.

Another dare was to get on a boat by the end of the night.  And boy, did we get on a boat!!!
The guy who gave us the best definition of what he thought marriage was came to Bridges with a bunch of people including his girlfriend.  They owned sonic powerboats!  They came on 2.
The 6 of us split into groups of 3 and went on a boat ride with them out on the bay, only to go to the bar next door. 🙂
Their boats kind of looked like this
The half of us with the boat captain!

The sonic powerboat crew
Saturday morning, we got up nice and early and made our lil trek to Ocean City, MD. It took us about 2.5 hours to get there and we headed straight to the beach! 
Vy, Vesna
We actually had a ton of pictures on the beach, but my girlfriend has those pictures… 
Some of them are sooo funny. I’ll have to share them once I get them from her. 
Afterwards we went to some Ocean City landmark bars:
Susan, Jamie, Vy, Krystal, Some random guy, Vesna, Vinita
Black Raspberry Margarita
We did a Bachelorette Scavenger hunt at Fager’s Island, but gave up because we one of the challenges was to find a guy named: Tony, Joe, George, or Kent and get a business card from him.  We ran into a Kent, but no business card… and kept looking for more men with business cards. We found that we weren’t having as much fun looking for these people and hoping they had a business card at the beach bar, that we just gave up and had a good time dancing instead.
Sunday morning, we got up bright and early and made our trip back home.  I had to take Jamie to work and she ended up being a half hour late. Oopsie. She did call ahead and let them know we hit a bit of traffic coming back from the beach, so it was okay. Then, Hailey and I stopped off in Georgetown to get some Georgetown cupcakes. Bad Idea. The line was over an hour long!
I found out that the next time I come up, it’ll be easier to call ahead a day and put in my order and then I can just walk in and pick up.
My neighbor, Tara will just love me! She was a lil disappointed that I didn’t come back with a dozen of the sweet treats, but next time I will. 🙂
Of course, we had to see a couple of my fav stores on our walk back to the car:
Kate Spade
I dropped off Hailey and proceeded home and got home around 6 (That’s 10 hours after we checked out of the hotel!). Drove to momma B’s house to have a family dinner saying good luck to lil future brother in law, Danny.  He’s off to JMU today. It’s momma’s last baby going off to college.  She’ll be back later tonight after moving him in and will be a wreck, I’m sure. 
All in all, it was a great weekend with some really fun girls! I just wish they all lived closer! 
Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!!! 🙂