Oh my! How could I have missed it?!?
Yesterday was National Cupcake Day!

Well, there seems to be a little confusion as to the exact day.  According to American Food Holidays December 15th is the day to behold the cupcake, however October 18th is also marked as a special day for the small cakes, and yesterday August 18 was Soft Ice Cream Day.  Either way, yesterday was  a day to celebrate the sweets! 
I only found out about it as I was catching up on my local news this morning.  I do agree that everyday should be National Cupcake day! 🙂 What do you all think?? Who’s with me? Y’all know how much I LOVE cupcakes!!!

Speaking of Sweets, today, I’m off to do some Wedding planning… 
Time to figure out my wedding cake! 🙂  I’m definitely thinking something coconut, maybe something chocolate and raspberry, maybe amaretto… There’s just so many choices!  What are your favorite cake flavors???

Oh Peonies, how I love Peonies!

I love this classic look.

We love the beach, so we’re probably going with something more like this.
This should be fun! Off to meet with my cake lady, Vania, who also happens to be a long time family friend! She’s my cousin’s best friend and I’ve known her since I was probably in diapers! 🙂  It’ll be a nice reunion. I last saw her at my other cousin’s wedding last September. She did her cake:

Isn’t it awesome! It tasted DELICIOUS!!!! 🙂

Have a beautiful and SWEET day!!!

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Songs: Sugar Sugar by the Archies; Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard