I can’t believe the wedding 2 months away!  So much to do in such little time…
However, I have gotten one very important thing done this week- his ring.
Tommy comes from an Irish background and when we talked wedding bands for him, it was pretty easy- he wanted a Celtic wedding band.  He wanted silver, not gold. He’s not a diamonds kind of guy, so matching bands would not work.  He first wanted a Celtic Warrior band… I think it’s because it sounded like a tough-guy ring. However looking at it, you really couldn’t tell what it really is.

Celtic Warrior Shield Wedding Band

So we looked some more and a lot of the Celtic knots appealed to him. We settled on the Celtic Lover’s Knot wedding band for him (in silver, of course).

I think it looks more solid and more manly. It has very strong features and we both love the lover’s knot.  The design for the Celtic Lover’s Knot is attributed to seafarer’s and sailors who would weave the knot with two pieces of rope to give to their sweethearts as a memento.

We’ve actually ordered the rings from www.UniqueCelticWeddingRings.com.  The thing we loved about the site is that the rings are handmade in Ireland and are stamped with the Dublin Castle Assay Mark.  They actually ship here to the US for free.  I actually talked to one of the owners and he was a wonderful help and very pleasant to work with.  He told me that they get shipments from Ireland about 3 times a week, so our ring shouldn’t take long at all. We’ll definitely have them in time for our wedding.  That made me feel good, because I was a little worried that since they were coming from Ireland, and being handmade, it would take a while. I’d like to get them with enough time to get the rings engraved for the wedding.  Has anyone else had their rings engraved? What did you put? Just initials? Monogram? Wedding date?

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!!